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The ultimate food item in the game, giving a gigantic boost to your mental health and making you full for a long time. It is only possible to make on a New Game+. It is obtained by cooking the burger patty, then combining it with the burger bun, then combining it with lettuce leaves, then combining that with sliced cheese, and finally, combining that with a tin of pickles. Because of the giant mental health boost, it is very useful in helping you get the white or green ending.


Burger Patty - Obtained by attempting to give the Man Who Wears A Box in a green dream the Cat Plush on a New game+. You must cook it using the Frying Pan which can be obtained from the director by attempting to give him a cat plush on a new game+ once you're able to trade sleepy cat comics with him.

Lettuce Leaves - Obtained by attempting to give Benzido or Kenny the Cat Plush on a New Game+. Either character will give you three Lettuce Leaves, but you only need one to make the cheeseburger.

Burger Bun - Obtained by attempting to give Hank the Cat Plush on a New Game+ after giving him all 5 Health Tonics and zero Blue Pills.

Sliced Cheese - Can sometimes be found in the box in the supermarket, the director might also give you some early on. New game+ is not required.

Tin of Pickles - Can be found lying around in various locations, can be obtained from the man who wears a box if you're low on food. New game+ is not required.

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