Tofuburger patty
"Man, I love tofuburgers. I just need the perfect bun, and maybe even something to dress it, and I'll have found the ultimate meal!"
— "You" when looking at it.

The patty is given to you by Man Who Wears a Box. He will give you the choice between a Tofu or Burger Patty. You must first attempt to give him Sleepy Cat first though. It is only available in The Director's Cut on a New Game+.

Eating it raw is very bad for your mental health. However, it can be combined with other ingredients to make one of the best meals in the game (Ultimate Tofuburger with Cheese).

Cooking it with a Frying Pan will create Grilled Tofuburger.


  • Psycho +100
  • Health +30
  • Food +30

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