Replenished in some kitchens and found in your fridge.

Place these on the ground to attract nearby monsters. One meat chunk will attract one monster and if you want to attract multiple monsters you must place down multiple chunks of meat.

Oddly enough, "You" responds differently when you attempt to eat the rotten meat depending on his mental health.

  • "No." If "You" has good mental health. ( rank B or higher )
  • "Maybe." If "You" has moderate mental health. ( between rank B- and rank D )
  • "Looks pretty tasty actually." If "You" has bad mental health. You still do not actually eat the Rotten Meat though. ( rank D- or lower )

Attempting to eat it will lower your mental health, although if you attempt to eat it right after saving, it can be a good way to gauge your mental health.

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