• Chuck, the plant outside your apartment, is a reference to Chuck the Plant, a recurring joke in Lucasarts Games, first appearing in Maniac Mansion.
  • Although in the official artwork the protagonist wears a red tie, in the in-game sprite the red pixels represent the Flashlight. This is clearer in the initial dream, where the character doesn't wear a tie and the red pixels appear when he picks up the Flashlight.
  • The Save game file on WIndows 7 machines is located at: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\LoneSurvivor\Local Store\Lone Survivor Saved Game\ If you are paranoid, backup your saved game.
  • The cutscene that occurs in the shop when "You" finds the Gold Key resembles a scene from the "Twin Peaks" TV series, Cooper's Dream: (flashing lights, black and white tiles on the wall as well as black and white stripes on the floor, protagonist seated in an armchair, strange dance with eerie music, protagonist encounters a man and a woman in this room)

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