A mirror found in the hallway of You's apartment.

Mirrors  Edit

Mirrors have a big impact on the game's endings, and how long it takes you to complete the game. "You" cannot teleport when looking at the 'dusty' mirror until you find another mirror and teleport back using it. The first time you look at the mirror "You" say "It looks as if it is trying to pull me to somewhere". The first time you may use it, "You" will say that "You" might have blacked out. Mirrors gauge your mental health (see Psych Report) and can lead to an alternate ending if you were not to have used it.

  1. Find alternate pathways if you don't want to lose mental health.
  2. Find ways to boost mental health (see Optional Quests) if you cannot get by without it (such as adopting a cat).


Mirrors are used as a way to teleport you back to your safe house (Apartment 206) and back and are found in multiple locations throughout the game. The mirror in your apartment acts as your main mirror that you can "link" to other mirrors by traveling through them. Note that you can only have one mirror linked to the mirror at your apartment at one time, linking another mirror will erase the previous link and replace it with the current one. Also note that you cannot travel to mirrors in locations that are blocked off.

Mirror LocationsEdit

The very first mirror is inside your safe house. When first examining it "You" will remark that it is trying to pull you to somewhere else, but with no idea where to pull you to.

Mirrors are indicated with a purple line within your map

Mirror QuotesEdit

Before teleportation, "You" will leave a remark. Mirror quotes indicate your mental health.

Positive Remarks:Edit

"I'm still myself, mostly."

"I can live with what I see."

"Not bad, Considering."

"I could use a bath, but..."

"I'm doing alright."

"I've seen worse"

"I'm holding together."

Neutral Remarks:Edit

"I look older..." (This could be referencing the Man in Blue Dreams).

"Not a pretty sight..."

"Ugh, it puts me on edge..."

"I could do without seeing that face!"

"I don't really wanna stare too long..."

"Not sure I like what I see..."

Negative Remarks:Edit

"Leave me alone!"

"Shut up!"

"I'm starting to look like them..."

"I look like a monster"

"Shut up, YOU!"

"I don't like your face!"'

"I can see something painful"

"I can see her"

"I can see the world on fire"

"I see pain and suffering"

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha"

''I can see... a monster''