I love the soundtrack for this game and I thought it would be nice to compile a list of where certain songs play in the game, any help with this would be appreciated. (And if anybody wants to change the article title to a better name they're more than welcome to). Mintvanilla 06:04, June 24, 2012 (UTC)


Soundtrack album art.

Lone Survivor Soundtrack: Edit

You can listen to as well as purchase the Lone Survivor Soundtrack on it's Bandcamp page, which has been placed on sale since the 3rd April 2012 by Jasper Bryne.

1. Blue World 01:22

2. Lone Survivor 01:30

3. Home 01:46

4. Dreams 01:52

5. Where Is It Going? 02:50

6. Party Time 01:38

7. Her 01:40

8. Sleep Forever 01:41

9. Reflections 02:10

10. Medicine 03:19

11. The Director 01:53

12. Descent 01:28

13. Alone 01:12

14. Whispers 01:54

15. You Know Me 01:51

16. The City 03:12

17. Survival 03:14

18. Moving On 04:50

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