Found in

Gun shop back room

A man who stays secluded inside his ammunition shop. The player can either trade Blue Pills or Health Tonic to him, in exchange of 10 bullets for the handgun. Interestingly enough, Hank is the only other person that lives in fear of the monsters, claiming to be infected by one. "You" can choose to remain optimistic about the situation, claiming that there must be a cure, but Hank replies with, "Ain't no cure for being turned inside out."

Hank has a strong disdain towards light (perhaps because of his infection) and will ask "You" to turn off the flashlight if it's in his presense.

If given multiple blue pills he will become increasingly unstable, sometimes just muttering to himself if prompted.

If given several health tonics he will show improvement, and will be grateful towards the player. "You" even exclaiming that Hank will be up and running around in no time, implying that you may have cured his infection.

( NG+ ) Offering Hank the Cat Plush after giving him all 5 Health Tonics will net You a Burger Bun, one of the items used to make the Ultimate Cheeseburger. Be sure not to drink any of the tonics if you want the ingredient.