Below is a list of glitches and other unusual ingame events.

Fighting between enemiesEdit

When having downed 1 fat enemy, being between them, and trying to produce the gun at the opposite standing enemy, the player can get automatically turned to the downed (closer) enemy and no easy way to turn to the standing 1, or the needed enemy for that matter. it seems impossible to switch targets.

Hank's introductionEdit

The main character thanks the gun shopkeeper for saving him even if he shot the zombie alright.

Strange Animation on 33rd StreetEdit

When exiting the "Ruined Building" on 33rd Street or when walking past the right-hand window, an animation is sometimes triggered in which an object appears to loom out of the window and pop. The majority of the appearances seem to be a shinny black sphere, but around 1/30th of the appearances are instead a brown, bleeding sphere which bursts blood before disappearing. This animation can appear at any time during the game.


The brown, bleeding object appearing at the Ruined Building window before bursting

"Jasper's Demo Notes"Edit

It is possible to trigger messages in the game from previous builds and demos. It is currently unknown what their purpose is.


An example of a demo message occurring when examining the door in East Fire Exit, 1F.

Glitched Thinman in Meat RoomEdit

In the meat room it is possible to shoot the wandering Thinman outside the door, and glitch it into the room.


Shooting the Thinman.

Filled bucket in Meat RoomEdit

In some versions of the game the bucket in the meat room is already filled with water. While this allows you to fill the milk bottle with water, it also means that the player can't pick up the bucket, and therefore can't hide behind the meat in the room.

Multiple generator keysEdit

After opening the generator door, you can go back where you found the key and get a new one. This one is totally useless and will just stay in your inventory.

Also will "You" say "What?! Another generator key?"

Game Restart GlitchesEdit

It has been reported by several players that upon restarting the game, there may be several oddities and issues.

  1. Everywhere the player went on the previous game is already marked on the map.
  2. The gamejoy may appear in the apartment before the player has found it
  3. The player is unable to examine or cut the skin blocking their path. This stops them from progressing any further in the game.

These issues can be solved by manually deleting the saved game file in the Lone Survivor folder in the computer before restarting the game. On Windows 7, The save game file is located under C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\LoneSurvivor\Local Store\Lone Survivor Saved Game

Hospital room escapeEdit

In some versions of the game it is possible to escape the final room of the game by shooting at the wall until you run out of shells. This will trigger the blue dream and you will wake up back in 206. This obviously works only if you have not had the blue dream trigger some time prior in the playthrough.