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There are multiple endings in Lone Survivor depending on your actions ingame. The ending is directly determined by your Mental Health score and the Path you take (either Blue, Green or Red.) Checking the Mirrors is a good way to gauge your Mental Health. Taking pills can seriously alter the ending that you get.

  • Green pills are only for the 'true' ending (Green) and for the best ending (White)
  • Red pills can help contribute to the Red ending, by taking the pill and then sleeping.
  • Blue pills mainly point you towards the Blue ending.

There are currently 3 endings (Blue, Green, and Red) in the original and 5 endings (White and Yellow) in the Director's Cut. 

After the ending, you will see your Psych Report.

Blue EndingEdit

This ending can only be obtained by having average to poor mental health, which would be the D+ to X- ranks.


  • Kill monsters with handgun whenever possible
  • Swallow pills (blue and red)
  • Eat dodgy food
  • Give Hank drugs
  • Sleep without reason and/or get exhausted often
  • Talk to Cat Plush often

Ways to decrease mental health include:

  1. Looking at mirrors. 
  2.  Shooting the Writhering Thing.
  3. Try to eat Rotten Meat.
  4. Eat Cat Food.

Summary: (Highlight to View)

You come to a long corridor similar to the ones you find in your blue pill dreams. At the end of the corridor you see a white haired old character which you keep seeing in your dreams. You continuously try to get information out of this character but to no avail, and with your patience wearing thin you fire a shot at the character. The white-haired old man does not die but rather laughs at you. The screen then fades to an image of the old character and a girl sitting together on a hill over looking the city. This implies that the old character was in fact your futureself; and by taking that shot you killed yourself in the process. Read below on green ending to know about the girl. Edit: In the very beginning of the game, before waking up, at the moment you pick up and turn on the flashlight, you are able to see the white haired old character with a gunshot in his chest, as you are told in the blue ending that you should try harder, this would mean that YOU couldn't fix his mental situation, and then his comatose nightmare is restarted.

Green EndingEdit

This ending can only be obtained by having good to perfect mental health, which would be the C- to S★ ranks.

1 5 Lone Survivor Green Ending S★ HD11:00

1 5 Lone Survivor Green Ending S★ HD


  • Avoid killing monsters. (Use flares!)
  • ONLY take Green Pills, don't consume any other kind.
  • Overdose on Green Pills. No matter what the man in the dream says as this will help contribute to your Mental health in the Psyche report.
  • Eat proper food. (cooked or combined.)
  • Adopt a cat.
  • Don't eat 'bad food'. This includes Cat Food, Rotting meat etc.
  • Give Hank Health Tonic, possibly more than one.
  • Play GameJoy once a day.
  • Feed "Chuck" with a bottle of water every two days.
  • Don`t drink more than one coffee per day.
  • Pet the cat regularly.
  • Answer dream questions correctly.
  • Talk to Kenny and Benzido in Chie's "House Party".
  • If perfect mental health is achieved, DO NOT go down the alternate hallway in the hospital.

Summary: (Highlight to View)

After taking the green pill and laying in the bed it shows a full view of You and then shows You standing over the girl he keeps seeing. It is apparent that the girl was injured severely The girl asks You a favor, to lookout for himself and that after things are back to normal he needs to leave the city. She then swears that they will meet again one day, then the screen fades to white and side scrolls to see You sitting on a hill with the cat plush in a suit. It implies that the girl died and you came from her funeral which explains why she was there at the end of the blue ending. Showing his position on the way he was standing at the hill when he stood up shows he was also the man with the box on his head during all of the Green pill dreams. What is not the determined is whether the girl is You's sister or lover. You can just assume, that she is your lover because at the ending she is asking 'You' : "We are still together, aren't we?".

Red EndingEdit

This ending can only be obtained by having the lowest possible Mental Health, which is the X★ rank.


  • Kill a lot of monsters.
  • Eat bad food, catfood and Rats.
  • Give Hank drugs and suggest he end it all.
  • Threaten Chuck with scissors.
  • Play Soul Brother more than once a day.
  • Drink too much coffee or sodas. (More than once a day, because once is good for mental health.)
  • Attempt to eat Rotting Meat.
  • Eat food even when not hungry or hurt.
  • Kill helpless Fatmen.
  • Get hurt by monsters often.
  • Torture Hank with the flashlight/torch.
  • Eat more than one fruit drop a day.
  • Get the "exhausted" remark.
  • Sleep for no reason.

Summary: (Highlight to View)

This ending is very similar to the blue ending but when You shoots the older man, gunshot wounds appears on both of their chests. You's visage begins to transform into that of the Man in Blue, strongly implying suicide. This ending was going to be called blue ending 2. An alternative would be that having the shot in your chest too means that your mental situation is now irreversible, you are not able to carry on fighting against your recursive nightmares, YOU have surrendered to his subcoscious and will live apart from reality or in a coma state with flat mental activity.

White EndingEdit

This ending can only be obtained by having the highest possible Mental Health, which is the S★ rank.

2 5 Lone Survivor White Ending Great Playthrough HD13:31

2 5 Lone Survivor White Ending Great Playthrough HD

  • Have beaten the game at least once.
  • Avoid killing monsters. (Use flares!)
  • Don't swallow pills, except for the Green Pills. As there are questions in the dreams which contribute towards your Ending Rank in the Psychiatric Report.
  • Eat proper food (cooked or combined)
  • Eat the ultimate cheeseburger.
  • Listen to the music player.
  • Drink the chilled mexican cola.
  • Adopt a cat.
  • Give Hank Health Tonic more than once, eventually Hank will get healed.
  • Play GameJoy once a day.
  • Feed "Chuck" with a bottle of water.
  • Don`t drink more than one coffee per day.
  • Pet the cat regularly.
  • Talk to the cat about the director
  • Answer dream questions correctly.
  • Talk to all survivors.
  • Offer the Cat Plush to everyone.
  • Make sure to go down the alternate hallway in the hospital, otherwise you'll get the green ending.
  • Do NOT shoot the Writhing Thing, or else you will be unable to enter the hallway even with S rank.

Summary: (Highlight to View)

You enter the hospital and go down the alternate hallway to find a demented area filled with a horde of Thin Men, and a seemingly infected version of Her, crawling around on the ground with red eyes. When you first see Her, your character exclaims, "No! It can't be! It can't be her!". You have to avoid her all the way down the hall, as she will teleport every time you evade her. The farther you go down the hallway, the more you will find wreckage, massive veins, and blood. Once you go down far enough, you enter an area that seems to be the insides of something, covered in tissue and blood. You also find a massive horde of Thin Men. As you reach the end of the hallway, you see a white light. Go into the white light, and you will enter a hospital room with a glass of water on the desk. Your character exclaims that there isn't anything left to do. You drink the water, and lay down. Instead of your character saying that he is drowsy like in the other endings, he says he isn't tired, but he lays down anyways. The end music begins to play, and the White-Faced man appears on the screen. Then, the Girl in the Blue Dress appears, and You exclaim that it's supposed to be the other way around. You then tell Her that You miss her, and she says that it's going to be okay, as long as you keep going. She explains how You has become a different person. The scene then shifts to the blue skied-scene which is supposedly You in a funeral suit, holding the Cat Plush.

This ending leads us to believe that You has not only come to terms with Her death, but also that he realises that she still remains, either as a memory or as an entity in the afterlife. You then accepts completely that he will see Her again, and that while he has lost Her, he has not only accepted her passing on but also grown stronger from the


Yellow EndingEdit

This ending can only be obtained if you have already gotten the White ending at least once.

3 5 Lone Survivor Yellow Ending Full Walkthrough HD14:46

3 5 Lone Survivor Yellow Ending Full Walkthrough HD


  • Achieve the White ending. (To achieve this ending, you must make Green ending)
  • Offer the Cat Plush to Chie on a new playthrough. (After talking to her once)

Summary: (Highlight to View)

After You offers the Cat Plush to Chie, she'll tell him its the wrong doll but thank him for it, anyhow. She will then ask You whether or not its his. He will reply with the revelation that he got it for her and that he'd rather "stay there with her" and not go through any of "that" again. Upon Chie showing to be happy over You getting rid of Her's doll, he will say that it was only a phase. After Chie accepts the gift, Benzido and Kenny will tell You he might as well stay and also to join the party. They begin to dance, and Chie and You will join them afterwards.

Both the white and yellow endings' content and order of unlocking signifies that each of the three "good" endings are a string of real events making up what would be a happy "true ending" and further answers several of the game's bigger questions, as each are vastly connected to events in the game. In one of two of the interactive choices of the dream within the "ruined building", Chie says not to worry about her, as the older You will "look after" her for now on. This could mean that Chie's and You's party conversation might instead reflect one a new couple could have over an ex, dead or not, and moving on with the new relationship. The trophies found in the director's cut of the two Sony platforms seem to signify this as well. The green ending's trophy is dubbed "New Man", the white's "Wise Man" and the yellow's "Peaceful Man", whereas one of the two bad endings is dubbed "Old Man". Essentially, the stages of his rehabilitation and final decision in order.

The literal, finer details are uncertain, but this may mean You's entire venture in the "real/sane world" in the first place, where none of the disease and destruction exist, might have simply been to make his decision regarding Chie and giving the "Sleepy Cat Plush" gift to her, and so a loop would occur otherwise, resulting from Chie giving up and giving in to your request for a gun for unknown reasons. Of course, the gun is never recieved in the yellow ending and only by avoiding killing can one get the "best" and "true" endings. It could be that You is simply undergoing a transition to settle in with Chie, and his hold on Her and mental state is making it difficult to complete the process.

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