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Building Edit

Floors Edit

Search your house for starting items and diary pages.

Go through the meat hole.

Go to apartment number 203. When you walk into 203 you will hear faint jazzy bass music. Walk into the living room to see Chie and two others having a party, apparently oblivious to the danger all around them. Talk to Chie and she will tell you (through a rather surreal exchange) to bring her a doll. Exit the living room and go into the little girls bedroom, to the left of the bed is a doll. Pick it up and bring it back to Chie. Select 'give' from the item menu and Chie will take the doll and tell you to meet her on the balcony out back. Go out the back door (located to the right of the living room. Back wall) you will see Chie to your left. Walk right to pick up the handgun from the table. Chie will disappear and you will have another mental break. Walk back inside to find some walkers to test out your shooting skills and question your sanity.

Learn about The Director and meet him at 204. It might be a good time to clear the corridor between 206 and 204, because you'll go through it a few times.

Discover the giant monster at 1F. Enter the door on the right to go into the room with the giant monster. Make sure your flashlight is off, or the monster will run and attack you. With the light off, try using the elevator switch, just to the right of where you entered near the wall. The map will pop up and you'll get the idea to go to the basement to turn on the generator.

Get to the back alley by going counter clockwise around the map. To the far right of the back alley you'll meet a man, and after a cut scene, will leave a key that will open the doors which will lead you to the basement.

Basement Edit

Venture into the basement and collect the keys and the gasoline can to restart the generator. The basement is essentially a large loop, with a short corridor leading to the generator room. You'll have to make your way around once searching every room to find the Fuse, the Gas Canister and the Generator Room Key. Make sure to turn on the generator before you leave the room, this will trigger a cutscene.

Make sure to memorize the looping path around the basement before you call the elevator and save. Call the elevator. Evade the Door Man and get back to the stairwell.

Easy way to escape the Daddy Monster:

First screen you are running left, keep running left until you see a cave doorway, go through it, do not go all the way left, you will die.

Go right to the first door up.

Go left till the end.

Go left till you see a door up at the end.

Go right until the end.

Go Left and enter the first door you see.

Go right till the end.

Go right to the first open blue double door and enter it

Go left and go upstairs to the first floor.

Streets Edit

Make your way outside. When you exit the apartment building, you will be on the street. Going left you will find a locked door. Walking right reveals a blocked door going back into the complex, a fire escape to your apartment, and an alley.

Pick up the fire escape key at the left side of the street and unlock the fire escape entrance to your apartment.

You don't need to go down the alley behind your building just yet (it leads to the arcade and the door is locked), but if you do, you can pick up a Sleepy Cat comic before you encounter any enemies.

Just down the street (right) from your building is the Guns&Ammo. There is a Thin Man inside which can be avoided using rotting meat if you don't want to kill it. You can't pick up any of the weapons. At the other end of the store is the door that leads to Hank. Hank will trade you ammo for Blue Pills or Health Tonics.

After you are done in the gun shop, move further down the street to the right, past three Thin Men. Enter the Ruined Building. There will be a cutscene. After it finishes, pick up the Gold Key (unlocks the arcade) and Health Tonic.

Go out and move right to the end of the street. You will exit into East Street. Go left to find the area map and a door leading to a room with a mirror. Good time to sleep and save.

For the next part, you will need to explore the area around East Street and North Street East (which is accessible from the North end of East Street) and collect three items:

  • Car Battery from the alley behind the hospital
  • Wire Cutters from the alley behind the inaccessible cafe
  • Crowbar from the West end of North Street East.

You will encounter Thin Men in the main street and Thin Men and Fat Men in the alleys. All enemies in this area can be avoided by using the hiding spots, but it's good to have flares or bullets handy if things go wrong.

Other points of interest:

  • The Hospital is at the South end of East Street (you'll have to come back later)
  • At the same place, you will have the first encounter with the Cat
  • The Supermarket is the only building you can enter other than the mirror room. Inside you can find a Sleepy Cat comic and a box which contains a random food item and is refilled every day. You may need to use rotting meat or flares to avoid the Thin Men in there if you don't want to kill them.

Once you have the three items, you should go back to the alley behind your building (using the mirror is probably the fastest way). Make your way past three Fat Men and go inside the arcade. There is nothing to do here but move right. You can look at the arcade machines if you wish. When you reach the end you will meet the White-Faced Man again. He will say different things based on the path you are currently on (Red, Blue or Green). After you are done talking to him, go out into the street.

To the left you will find a Fat Man and Thin Man guarding some flares and food. Go right, past a Thin Man and there will be a building you can enter. Inside you will find a mirror. Go back outside and keep moving right past more Thin Men. At the end of the street there will be an exit into another one. Take it.

There are no enemies in this street and no buildings you can enter, but you can look at them for some interesting comments. Make your way to the South end of the street (go right) and you will find the Bus. Go inside and make your way to the front. Use the Crowbar to open the panel, then cut the wires with the Wire Cutters and attach the Car Battery to them. You will now be able to open the door. Go through.

You will be in a strange, dark place. Very soon you will find a mirror. This is your last chance to go back and trade with The Director for flares or cat food. After you are done, keep moving right until you encounter Mother.

The fight with Mother is not really hard. You can't kill her, but she will go away after a set amount of time. You can use flares to stop her from reaching you, shoot her in the legs which should push her back a little, or shoot her in the head which should stun her momentarily. She can only hurt you if you are in the area directly underneath her arms (between her arms and legs), so keep your distance. The easiest way to handle this fight is to use flares, unless you want to be extra violent. You will need about 5.

After you drive Mother away, she will knock open the gate to the right. Go that way and talk to the Director. You will get the hospital lock combination from him.

You will be back at your apartment. This is your last chance to complete optional quests, trade with Hank or cook fancy food. When you are done, head to the Hospital in the SE corner of the map.

You can only pick up the clipboard here. Then go left through the long corridor and enter the last room. Take the pill (its color corresponds with the ending you will get), then use the bed. That's it, congratulations! You will get your score sheet after the credits.

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